The Traveling Grill – Biking The Trails

The Zippo All-Terrain Grill is perfect for any adventure. Going to take the bikes out on the trail for the day? Well you’re going to need some sustenance to keep you going strong on the trails. That’s where the traveling grill comes in. Easily throw the All-Terrain Grill in the back of the car, load the bikes and head out. After a few hours of riding, you’ll be famished. So when you’re ready for lunch, pull it out of the car and set it up. Don’t worry that only takes a few seconds. Fire that bad boy up and get cooking. There is nothing better than enjoying a meal outdoors after a good ride.

zippo all terrain grill

For this adventure we decided to make fajitas. You just can’t go wrong with fajitas after biking for miles and miles. The All-Terrain grill makes it easy to make lunch for a group, the possibilities are endless. Because no one really wanted that sandwich that has been riding around in your pack all day.

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