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2016 Zippo Trade Show Season
Namby-Pamby Hand Warmer Campaign

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hand warmer

12-Hour Hand Warmer

Our new and improved filling process makes firing up these little pocket-sized furnaces easier than ever. Fill the cup. Light the burner. And go! Perfect for sitting in the tree stand or a day fishing on the ice, they provide up to 12 hours of gentle, consistent heat. And they’re odorless. So the only thing that stinks is the alternative to not using them – frozen fingers.

MSRP: starting at $21.95

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6 hour handwarmer

6-Hour Hand Warmer

Our new and improved filling process makes firing up these little pocket-sized furnaces easier than ever. Fill the cup. Light the burner. And go! Perfect for small hands or the individual waiting to catch the next bus, they provide up to 6 hours of gentle, consistent heat. And they’re odorless. So the only thing that stinks is the alternative to not using them – frozen fingers.

MSRP: $19.95

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4-in-1 woodsman

4-in-1 Woodsman

One of the most versatile tools to ever hit the campground, the Zippo 4­‐in-‐1 Woodsman can handle nearly any job as it can chop, saw, hammer and pull stakes. The Woodsman’s chameleon like functionalities are due in no small part to its ergonomic design. A 15 inch blade, held tight by a locking cam and tension compensator, can saw wood up to four inches in diameter, and when not in use, the blade can be safely stored within the Woodsman’s handle. Remove the hatchet safety sheath which doubles as a hand grip for the saw, to reveal a five inch blade that makes chopping wood a breeze. Spin the Woodsman around to leverage the integrated mallet and stake puller to help set up or tear down camp quickly.

MSRP: $79.95

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Campfire Carrier

Gathering wood for the campfire isn’t the most glorious job, but Zippo’s new Campfire Carrier makes getting it back to the campsite a little easier. Made from tough, ballistic grade nylon, the Campfire Carrier can handle an armload worth of wood, protection you from scratches, dirt and any unwanted bugs. Simply open up the 22″ x 36″ Campfire Carrier, place the wood inside and carry away using the ergonomically designed handle. For added convenience, the Campfire Carrier also includes mesh pockets for storing other necessities for getting the campfire going, such as Zippo Cedar Fire Starters and Utility Lighters.

MSRP: $24.95

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Cedar Fire Starter

Whenever you want a campfire fast, Cedar Fire Starter pucks are the way to go. Made from wax and compressed cedar chips, they take the place of tinder and light kindling fast. Each one is scored to break into 4 pieces, for 4 fires.

MSRP: $1.95

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Flex Neck Utility Lighter

There’s no better way to get fires started in a stiff wind. Dual-flame technology keeps the flame burning strong. A flexible neck precisely positions the flame in any direction. The narrow gauge head is small enough to reach into tight spots in lanterns and camping stoves. They’re great for lighting candles, BBQ grills and more. Sturdy, all metal construction.

MSRP: $19.95

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Emergency Fire Starter

Our Zippo® Emergency Fire Starter doesn’t even rely on a flame to start a fire. It uses a simple flint wheel to spark water-resistant, waxed tinder sticks that store in a waterproof case. In emergencies, where matches or lighters are unavailable, this kit can start a fire almost instantly and may save lives. Some of the outdoors’ top people think so, too. It was awarded the Seal of Approval by the North American Hunting Club.

MSRP: $14.95

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OUL: Outdoor Utility Lighter

This rugged butane lighter has been awarded the Seal of Approval by the North American Hunting Club. It’s ideal for a home emergency kit and as a pack-along lighter when you travel.

MSRP: $19.95

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fire gift set

Fire Gift Set

Going to an event and need a gift for the host? This set is a practical gift that literally helps start the festivities. The gift set includes a cedar fire starter, flex neck utility lighter, and premium butane fuel (1.48 oz. can). The cedar fire starter is made of compressed cedar and wax, lights quickly, and will start 4 fires. The flex neck utility lighter has dual-flame advanced burner technology, adjustable flame, and precision lighting in a slim, powerful nozzle. The premium butane fuel provides optimum lighter performance.

MSRP: $29.95

Fire Gift Set

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fuel canister

Fuel Canister

Take along an extra refill of Zippo premium lighter fluid. Reusable personal-sized aluminum canister holds enough fuel to fill one Zippo windproof lighter or a 6 hour fill on a Hand Warmer. Includes swivel snap fastener, split ring for keys, disk to tighten and loosen flint screw, and rubber storage sleeve for two extra Zippo flints.

MSRP: $9.95

Fire Gift Set

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windproof-lighters-home copy

Windproof Lighters

Millions of people around the world carry and collect Zippo® lighters. Campers, tailgaters and backyard grillers know us best. Our lighters are durable, refillable, and meant to be kept and re-used rather than thrown into landfills. Each one is backed by a world famous lifetime guarantee.

MSRP: starting at $14.95

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Zippo lighter fluid, flints, butane, and more keep your Zippo products in top working order. For optimum performance of every Zippo product, we recommend genuine Zippo supplies.

MSRP: starting at $3.00

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all terrain grill

All-Terrain Grill

Ideal for tailgaters and outdoor enthusiasts alike, the Zippo All-Terrain Grill was designed with portability in mind and can travel anywhere, even off-road thanks to its high-axle and rugged rubber coated wheels. Compatible with 1 lb. or 20 lb. propane cylinders, the grill cuts no corners in bringing the ultimate grilling experience to the backyard and tailgate as it’s equipped with a cast-aluminum fire box and lid, stainless steel food prep surface and high-efficiency, windproof twin-tube burners. Push-button electronic ignition and continuous flame-control valves help fire up the burners and keep them lit, while a flavor infusion panel and porcelain-coated grate provide 233 sq. inches of grilling perfection. When it’s time to pack up and go, the All-Terrain Grill converts to storage and transport mode with just the push of a button. The scissor designed undercarriage ensures the grill folds with ease for storage while an integrated handle makes it easy to tow wherever it’s needed.

MSRP: $299.95

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windproof stove

Windproof Stove

Runny eggs, uneven picnic tables and wind. These are some of the most frustrating challenges while cooking on a stove outdoors. Not anymore. Our stove features simple improvements like independent adjustable feet and a bubble level to ensure your cook surface is flat and easy to manage. An optional leg accessory is also available to free up valuable picnic table space. Our dual burners feature a burner and chimney combination to protect against wind and direct more heat up towards the pot or pan.

MSRP: $199.95

Windproof Stove

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grill set

3-Piece Grill Tool Set

This is the last set of grill tools you’ll ever need. They’re heavy-gauge stainless steel, with double-walled handles to keep your hands cool when grilling gets hot.The spatula has a serrated edge for cutting meat and a gripper edge for rolling sausages or sliding meat around the grill.

MSRP: $29.95

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grill brush

Grill Brush

Our brush has three functions to keep your grate clean and make it ready for grilling. A scraper blade removes burnt-on food waste. Brass bristles clean while protecting the porcelain coating on the grate. A heat-resistant scrubber pad takes grease off, so you’re ready to grill.

MSRP: $9.95

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utensil tree

Utensil Tree

While cooking outdoors offers plenty of space, there never seems to be a convenient place to keep spatulas, forks or other must-haves such as towels, condiments or spices, clean and within arm’s reach. That’s where the Zippo Utensil Tree comes in. High in convenience, the Utensil Tree features an eight inch tray that rests on top of a powder-coated metal shaft, giving users the ability to keep everything they need at their fingertips but out of the way and up off the ground. The Utensil Tree stands rock solid and can be used while tailgating or in the woods camping using the patio base or two-pronged step bar. The Utensil Tree breaks down for easy transport and includes a carry bag.

MSRP: $49.95

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rugged lantern

Rugged Lantern

Zippo® Rugged Lanterns brighten your night. Designed to be the most durable on the market, the lantern can survive drops from as high as five feet. A metal support cage with rubberized corners cushion the blow from everyday use. The waterproof Zippo Rugged Lantern even floats. LED lights are popular with campers because they don’t cause fires or emit terrible odors. The Rugged Lantern draws power from a rechargeable lithium ion battery and offers a battery life / runtime of 10-hours, 15-hours or 40-hours at the high, medium or low brightness setting respectively. For added safety and peace of mind, the Rugged Lantern incorporates a flashing S.O.S. feature should an emergency arise. While most LED lanterns barely last beyond one season, this durable lantern has a 5-year limited warranty. A flexible and detachable handle lets owners hang or carry the lantern anywhere.

MSRP: $89.95

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heat gift set

Heat Gift Set

From hunting to hitting the slopes, this set has everything needed to stay warm in the outdoors. This gift set includes a windproof lighter, hand warmer, and premium lighter fuel (4 fl. oz. can). The windproof lighter is refillable, has an easy one-hand operation with flint wheel, and backed by our lifetime guarantee. The hand warmer has a sleek, thin metal design that fits in and out of pockets, provides 12 hours of warmth, and is reusable and virtually odorless. The premium lighter fluid provides optimum product performance.

MSRP: $39.95

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