4-in-1 Woodsman

Popular Mechanics Review : 4-in-1 Woodsman

The Zippo 4-in-1 Woodsman is the kind of tool that makes you think, “Huh. Clever.” At first glance this is clearly a hatchet, with the blade protected by that orange plastic cover. On the backside of the handle you’ll find a hard plastic mini-mallet, which Zippo intends owners to use to drive tent stakes. At the bottom of the handle is a square metal loop designed to help you pull out those tent stakes (just make sure you’ve got the plastic cover on the hatchet blade before you do this). And then there’s the fourth talent of the 4-in-1, the one that requires the most setup labor: It will become a wood saw.

Full-length review posted on Popular Mechanics, and can be found here.

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