Dulce de Coco

Dulce de Coco

This variation of Dulce de Coco, produced in cast iron over a fire, is enhanced by the smokiness of a campfire or grill. The sweetness of the dish, paired with the flavors of the outdoor ...
glazed fruit skewers

Red Wine Glazed Fruit Skewers

Red Wine Glazed Grilled Fruit Kebabs and Manchego Cheese combines the tropical flavors of mango and papaya with kiwi and nectarines and balances the sweetness of the fruit and wine with the savory and piquant ...
mac & cheese brat

Creamy Mustard Slaw

Damon’s recipe for Honey Dijon Mustard Slaw is sure to please the crowds and offers a lighter alternative to the creamy mayo-based slaws that are typical fodder for delis and fast-food restaurants.

Apple Crisp

The aroma of cinnamon-scented apples coming off your grill will have the neighbors running just as fast as if you were cooking the best BBQ on the block!