Zippo Outdoor 4-in-1 Woodsman

Industry Outsider Review : 4-in-1 Woodsman

Like the plot of a B movie, the premise of the Zippo 4-in-1 Woodsman is simple: it chops, cuts, pounds, and pulls. Actually, that’s not unlike the star of most slasher films. The Woodsman is even outfitted with a Halloween color scheme – black handle and blade, orange blade cover. What sets it apart from your typical axe is that is has saw blades stored in the handle. Pull one out, and with a little bit of work, it can be attached to the hinged axe head cover and the foot of the handle. Bam! You’ve got a bow saw. Of course, you can leave the saw blades stored in the handle, remove the cover, and use it as an axe. The back side of the axe head is useful for pounding stakes and other light duty work. When it’s time to pack up camp, the stake puller on the end of the handle can be put to use too.

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