Grilling Mistakes

Grilling Mistakes We’re All Making

We are all guilty of rushing through a grill session and turning out a sub-par steak. Luckily there are some simple steps to make sure this is the exception. Below we cover the most common grilling mistakes we all make when trying to grill the perfect steak.

When Moisture Is A Bad Thing

Let your steak rest in your refrigerator, uncovered, at least overnight and up to a few days. Doing this dries out the exterior of the steak. To get that signature “golden brown” exterior that we are all looking for, the outside needs to be free of moisture. Most of the time this is “accomplished” in the first five minutes of grilling. During that period, it takes a ton of heat to evaporate the moisture; allowing the exterior of the steak to char. Searing your steak this way increases the cook time and leads to a higher chance of overcooking. Drying in the fridge beforehand reduces the chance of overcooking and allows you to achieve that signature char in a fraction of the time.

You’re Flippin’ Out!

There are so many schools of thought on the number of times to flip a steak but through our (unscientific) testing, in general, the more you flip a steak, the drier it gets. Most of the time this is compounded by other issues such as cutting into the steak to check doneness, cooking at too high of heat for too long, not properly searing the steak, or not aging the meat properly. After initially searing on high heat, roughly two minutes per side, limit the number of times you peek under to see what’s going on. The underside of your steak is fine. Trust us.

Leave the Knife Out of It

We’ve all seen it. Someone takes out a knife to cut into the center of their steak to see if it’s done. Among cringe worthy grill moments, this is close to the top. Learn to gauge the doneness of a steak by time on the grill and firmness of the meat.

Grilling Mistakes

You’re Rushing

The thought of cutting into that first piece of delicious steak is enough to make anyone turn the heat up to cook faster but resist the urge. As stated above, dry your steak in the fridge at least overnight. Take your steak out of the refrigerator and allow it to warm up to room temperature. During this wait, we like to apply the dry rub, salt and prepare the grill. Does it need cleaning? Probably.

Part of pacing a steak and being patient is knowing the proper temperature for your grill. Check out our guide to getting your grill the perfect temperature for everything you might be grilling here.

The Zippo Advantage: Even Heat = Less Cold Spots

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