4-in-1 Woodsman

Gear Geeks : 4-in-1 Woodsman A Useful Camp Tool

The Zippo 4-in-1 Woodsman just looks impressive.

If it were just a hatchet, the sturdy black handle and the orange blade cover would be enough to make you feel like a man walking around the campground. But what I found is that all facets of the tool are useful.

The blade is sharp and solid for crushing firewood to make some kindling. It’s relatively light, but top-heavy. It felt like I didn’t have to use much energy when swinging, and the blade did all the work.

The other end of the blade doesn’t look like it would be a good hammer, but it is. The box says it’s just for pushing in tent stakes. The material is hard, and it feels like you’re hitting a pure tee shot with a driver on the golf course every time you nail in a tent stake. It certainly could be used for other things that a hammer performs. The tool pulls out the camp stakes as well.

Don’t forget the saw. Two blades are cleverly tucked into the handle of the hatchet and secured by a mini door at the end. Pull them out, and it allows the tool to lock in the blades safely.

The safeguard on the hatchet blade has two grip pads to put your hand on while sawing. That same safeguard has a screw in it that holds the saw blades in place. The safeguard also makes it tough for small children to get into when it’s covering the sharp hatchet blade.

Original article posted on Reno Gazette, and can be found here.

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