Bucket List Hunts: North America

We all make lists. These “to-do” lists are often filled with chores, meetings, and general nagging tasks that–if you didn’t write them down–would never get completed. Well, here’s a “must do” list you can actually look forward to completing. Start planning now to take on these five, amazing bucket list hunts from rugged mountain ranges to the central plains of North America.

Elk, Colorado

bucketlistelkFew landscapes in North America compare to the backdrop you’ll be surrounded by while pursuing one of the most sought after big game animals in North America. You’ll be hooked the first time you hear that distinct bugle echoing through a canyon and come across the distinct smell of mountain air and rutting elk. The only problem with elk hunting is once you experience camping, hiking, and pursuing screaming elk at high elevations, you’ll want to go every year. You’ve been warned.

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Caribou, Quebec

bucketlistcarPlan a trip during the Caribou run when tens-of-thousands of animals migrate from winter to spring feeding grounds. If you’re looking for face-paced, run-and-gun action, look no further. There is no better place to test your spot- and-stalk skills than the tundra of Quebec. This is one of the few places in North America where you can see thousands of big game animals on a trip. If you are looking for something removed from sitting in a tree stand, waiting on an animal to walk within range, Quebec was tailor made for your next adventure.

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Moose, Yukon

bucketlistmooseOne of the largest land mammals in North America, the Yukon Moose is considered by some to be the ultimate test of any hunter. Huge bodied, elusive, and expansive, inaccessible habitat make getting within range of a moose a challenge hunters wait a lifetime to experience. There are other places to hunt moose in North America, but none compare to the Yukon in terms of rugged terrain and breathtaking scenery that hasn’t changed since the last ice age.

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Whitetail, Kansas

bucketlistwhitetailWith a mix of nutrition, solid deer management, and mixed hardwoods and agricultural land, Kansas is a whitetail hunter’s dream. Hunters across North America have heard stories about Kansas deer hunting. Most of them are probably true on some level. With solid deer management practices, rut hunting in Kansas is incredible. Low buck-to-doe ratios across the state lead to intense breeding competition. Hunter translation: Buckle up for a wild sit in the tree stand.

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Black Bear, Manitoba

bucketlistblackbearIf you can brave the mosquito hatch in the spring, Manitoba has some of the healthiest black bear populations on the planet with over 30,000 bears. Baiting is common practice up north but you can also try your hand at spot-and-stalk. With high success rates and tons of action, this trip is fast paced with a high success rate for hunters. Not only is Manitoba home to a very healthy population of black bears, it consistently produces giant bears with a fair number of 21+” B&C entries.

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