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7 Deer Hunting Tips from our Field Staff

There’s something addictive about deer hunting. The sport may not appeal to everyone, but those of us who have been around it can feel the hooks pulling when deer season approaches. Perhaps no other outdoor activity is as entangled in our history as humans. The term for the meat of the deer is venison, which is a derivative from the name of Venus, the Roman goddess of love. Maybe this is why the activity is so addicting.

Now, that deer hunting season is in full swing, many men and women are heading out to do exactly what they love to do—hunt deer. One of the most interesting things about being a hunter is that the learning process never stops. Everyone has great tips passed down from generation to generation. Some tips are just from trial and error over the years. We asked our field staff to give us their tips and took the top 7 deer hunting tips.

1. Bring toilet paper or unscented wet wipes in your truck or backpack.

This item obviously comes in handy when nature calls, but also helps clean the blood off your hands when you score that prize buck. Baby wipes also help you clean out muzzleloaders.

2. Safety First

Always carry a first aid kit—always! Another thing you should always do is make sure someone knows where you are hunting and a general timeline. Cell phones are only great for emergencies if they have reception.

3. Keep a Journal

Keep a journal or log detailing your hunt. Note temps, times, and conditions and make sure to include how the deer reacted. This method is important and applicable for many types of hunting.

4. Cover Your Head and Hands

Remember to cover your face and hands whenever deer hunting. A shiny face and hands will give you away every time. This is more important than the type of camo you wear.

5. Bring a Flashlight or Headlamp

This will come in handy when looking for scrapes or your path to your deer stand. Having a red light that deer can’t see is an added bonus.

6. Hand Warming Pouch and Zippo Hand Warmer

Using a hand warming pouch (the ones football players use) and your Zippo Hand Warmer will be all you need. You will only need light gloves even in brutal cold weather.

7. Introduce New People to Hunting

Make it your mission to introduce one new person to hunting every year. Take them out, teach them and show them how it is done.


Stay warm out in the field with the Zippo Hand Warmer – check it out!

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