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5 Winter Outdoor Games For Kids

Kids are always restless and want to be active by running around and playing. The winter and the cold limit these kids the options they have to have fun outside. Kids get even more restless when this energy builds up by not being able to play outside. This built-up energy transitions into your own restlessness by the annoyance of their . Here is your solution to this dilemma, Parents – 5 winter outdoor games for kids.

winter outdoor activities for kids

Snowball Toss

Have a snowball-throwing contest! Make a target by creating a bright target in the snow with colored water (add food coloring) in a squirt bottle. 100 points for the middle circle with a two-foot diameter. 50 points for a circle two feet outside the center circle and 25 points for the last circle that is two feet outside the middle circle. Make a throwing line a reasonable distance from the target and allow three snowballs per turn and play to 1,000.

winter outdoor activities for kids

Snow Golf

Make a golf course by packing down snow to make the shape of the fairways and greens. Bury tin cans down in the snow to create holes. Same rules of mini golf apply. Get creative and make some obstacles with branches or build snow creatures.

winter outdoor activities for kids

Snow Pitch

Paint a bull’s-eye target on a piece of cardboard. Make each ring an assigned point value. 100 points for the middle circle, 50 for the middle ring and the outside ring is worth 25. Attach the target to a tree and use snowballs to hit the target with 3 snowballs per turn. Play to 500 or 1,000 points.

winter outdoor activities for kids

Freeze Tag

One person is designated as the “freezer and a couple of people as the “melters”. An easy way to identify the freezer and melters by having them wear a color coded scarf or hat. When a freezer touches a player, they must freeze in place. Melters can not be frozen, but main goal is to unfreeze other players as quickly as possible.

winter outdoor activities for kids

Capture the Flag

Divide group into two even teams. Divide playing field in half with a line in the snow to show the halfway line. Each team has a flag (if there is snow you can each build a snowman that can hold onto the flag. Members of each team try and cross the half line in order to get the other team’s flag, without getting tagged by the other team. If tagged they must go to a temporary jail at the half way line until a team mate sets them free by touching them. The game is over when a team successfully takes the other team’s flag over the half way line.

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