Hero of the Cold

Hero of the Cold: Dan From Boston

Hero of the Cold



Name: Daniel (Dan) Harris
Hometown: Quincy, Massachusetts
Occupation: Dock Worker- Open Dock






How many days per year do you spend outside?

As an open dock worker, I spend all my time at work exposed to the elements. On my free time I do a lot of hiking in the Blue Hills. It’s only a 15-minute drive away, so I find myself there often. I’d say I’m outside a minimum of 6 days a week.

With so much time working outdoors, do you have any free time to enjoy being outside?

I certainly do and I try to take advantage of it as well. This past year most of my free time outdoors has been spent hiking. I haven’t been able to as much camping and backpacking as I would like this season, but I also enjoy working outdoors on family properties.

What’s the best part about working outdoors?

I’d probably say testing yourself against the elements. When it’s really cold, it’s very satisfying to me to come off a shift where I’ve been beaten and battered by Mother Nature and say to myself “I worked right through that and still got the job done.”

If someone’s never been to Quincy/Boston/New England in the winter, what do they need to know?

The weather here is all over the place and can really keep you on your toes! One day it will be 65 degrees and overcast and the next it will be 26 and sunny, so you have to be ready for any weather, especially in the winter. It’s best to be ready for anything here because, despite the weather fluctuations, when it gets cold here it can be downright brutal! So layer up and be prepared.


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