10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Grill (They’re Delicious!)

Once you have learned the ways of the grill master the entire culinary world opens before you – with fire, any food is fair game. Restricting your grilling menu to hamburgers and hot dogs is like buying a high-end sports car and never driving on the open road. Let’s unleash the wonders of the grill and take a look at 10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Grill.

10 things you didn't know you could grill

French toast

Who wants to wake up and wait until midday to fire up the grill? For grilled French toast, use three-quarter inch slices of day-old crusty breads – your challahs and brioches and Italian breads – that will stand up to the direct heat of the grill. Coat the thick-cut bread in your favorite egg mixture and cook uncovered for three minutes per side to a nice char that will make those sweet toppings dance.

10 things you didn't know you could grill


Purchase the thickest cuts available and forget the rules about a single turn. Flip every five minutes or so until the desired crispness is obtained, between ten and twenty minutes on the grill.



Grilling fruit caramelizes the sugars under a golden brown patina that energizes the natural flavors. Cut pineapples into patties and apply a glaze of honey, lime juice and cinnamon. Or fire up your sweet-tasting bromeliad with black pepper.



The ultimate summer fruit is a natural for the grill. Take tree-ripened peaches, slice them into wedges, brush with a butter and cinnamon mix and grill until golden brown. Pay attention and don’t overcook. No one likes a dried out peach.

10 things you didn't know you could grill


Nothing could be simpler. Gather up fresh clams and spread them on the grill grate. Wait between five and ten minutes until the shell has completely opened and scoop out the succulent meat, taking care not to spill any of the tasty clam juice. You can reuse the shells to grill Rhode Island stuffies with minced clams, bread stuffing and spices.



While you’re grilling at the beach, give this multi-armed cephalopod a whirl. Grill the octopus whole and grill it quickly, so that it gets crusty brown outside before the inside dries out. Cut the tentacles before serving with lemon wedges.



This will be one of the easiest cobblers you have ever made. Combine ingredients in a foil packet and grill over medium heat for at least a half hour. Don’t worry about presentation. The over-the-top taste will be the only thing people will be talking about.



As a stand-alone cookout treat or used to perk up a salad, olives are at home on the grill. Lightly salt, season, and add oil to a foil packet and you’re done. Cook over medium heat for 15 minutes.



Certainly not the first thing you think of when firing up the grill but don’t dismiss this delicious treat. Grilled watermelon is great on its own or add it to a fruit salad. Lightly oil the slices and grill over high heat for a minute or two (depending on your grill temperature). The goal here is to caramelize the outside. Pay attention and don’t overcook.



Hard to believe that all doughnuts don’t come with grill marks. Use low to medium heat and give them a close eye to ensure the caramelized, molten goodness does not explode or burn. Crunchy goodness!

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